Kevin's quick guide to Las Vegas

Due to popular demand, here is my quick guide to Vegas, if you are staying at the Bellagio:

I think Okada, Wynn is great.

Reserve 5 minutes for looking at the ceilings in the Bellagio (you'll understand when you get there).

Check out the Paris, opposite the Bellagio, and don't miss the bar at the top of the Rio which has a spectacular view, day or night.
The Rio also has a free "show in the sky" which I remember as quite fun if you get there at the right time. It's like a parade suspended from the ceiling.
Caesars Palace is kitschy with its 70's faux Roman theme.
New York New York has lions! And it also has a tram that can take you to the Luxor - good rides/walkthroughs there.
Avoid the Excalibur unless you want to see their horse-show and eat a turkey drumstick - can be great if you like that sort of medieval thing.
Lots to do without gambling, but try hitting the penny slots (if you can find them) and tip a buck for each free drink. 2 bucks they come faster.
I don't like shows much, but your concierge will help you choose.

Let me know how it goes and have fun!

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