Carbonated Chicken Consomme - Chicken-up.

Today I tried my carbonated chicken consomme.

It is really quite strange, it has the mouthfeel of coca-cola or seven-up, the saltiness of potato chips, and of course the chicken/vegetable flavor.

I guess I will call it chicken-up.

It is quite filling (from the carbonation I suppose, the fullness likely won't last long). It would make a good amuse bouche starter for a summer salad lunch on a hot day.

I made chicken broth in the usual way, then clarified this with egg-whites and shells, then chilled it, then carbonated it.

Here is my carbonating system.


Josh said...

I love the Internet. I just came up with this idea while sitting around after dinner in the kitchen, and I'm very glad to find out I'm not the only nut out there.

zieroh said...

And then there were three. I just (independently) thought this up, googled it, and ended up here. I'm chilling some strong chicken stock as we speak, after which I'll put it through the soda maker.

I'm sure my wife will be appalled.